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john and co (2009)

john from when geeks unite's partially solo record for the rpm challenge.....with help from "and co" namely ben and kid

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when geeks unite


So...what does happen when geeks unite? Well, in the case of these particular geeks, what happens is compulsively catchy rock & roll music! When Geeks Unite is a four piece band playing original material in the NH seacoast area and currently seeking to expand further. The seeds of the band were humbly planted in 2006 in the Newmarket NH apartment of John Pitrone and Ben Slawski. The pair began writing and recording demos under the ‘When Geeks Unite’ moniker off and on over the next year or two. It began more as a creative outlet and boredom reliever rather than with the expectation of actually being a performing band. John subsequently relocated to Dover NH and Ben to Boston, but the writing and recorded continued. Eventually in early 2008, somewhat by chance, the two brought in drummer CJ Corrette for some informal jamming. As the material from the demos came to life, soon the urge to actually perform live became apparent, and seemed the next logical step. Subsequently the band settled on bass player Ryan Curran, and the lineup was complete. Fortune favored the band as both new members did nothing to disprove and rather upheld the accuracy of the groups name. Thus, ‘When Geeks Unite’ was officially born. The band refined their sound and arrangements over several months of rehearsals, open mics, and eventual gigs in the Dover NH area. The band draws on a diverse range of influences, mixing dashes of pop punk, hard rock, and even acoustic guitars and mandolin, into a new amalgam of ‘alternative’ rock music. A common thread of strong melody and distinctive vocals exists throughout the material, and even though one may desperately want to, it is sometimes difficult to exorcize the songs from your head! The bands live shows are a combination of high energy and strong musicianship. The shows always seem to generate strong audience reaction, which runs the gamut from broad smiles and emphatic head bobbing/dancing to disapproving sneers (probably directed at the bands poor fashion sense) to outright tears of joy. (okay, we made that last bit up). The band continues to seek out new venues to expand their fan base, and hopes to eventually infiltrate the Boston MA and Portland ME music scene and beyond. This is what happens When Geeks Unite!

john guitar vocs ben guitar vocs cj drums vocs ryan bass




Completed Albums

john and co(2009)

john from when geeks unite's partially solo record for the rpm challenge.....with help from "and co" namely ben and kid

when geeks unite theme song   Download
time ticks
skating on butta
macey marvelous
where did you go?
mom song
johnathan harvey
there's a hole in the wall